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Microbial products for
bioremediation applications


Since 2013 Fermentia Microbiological Ltd. has been working with its strategic partner the Department of Microbiology, Eötvös Lorand University (ELTE), on the development production and field testing of microbial bioaugmentation agents capable of degrading hydrocarbon pollutions (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons – PAH; total petroleum hídrocarbons – TPH, and short-chain aliphatic chlorinated hydrocarbons etc.).

Three bioaugmentation agents are available to our Costumers in our product range, if biological remediation with the application of bioaugmentation agent is identified as alternative solution during the remediation fact-finding. The most effective solution during bioremediation the application of a site-specific microbial inoculant adapted to the physico-chemical parameters of the contaminated area, for the application of which we can provide professional support.

Currently we can offer three products for our Customers: aerobic cultures for PAH and TPH polluted sites, and an anaerobic product for chlorinated ethene (tetrachloroethylene, trichloroethylene, dichloroethylenes, vinyl-chloride) pollutions. See ‘Products’ for more information.
As an even more effective option, we are able to develop site-specific inoculum, that is best suited to the physical, chemical, biological properties of the contaminated site.

​Our main goals

Natural atteunation of contaminated soils and groundwaters can take hundreds, or even thousands of years under natural conditions. The bioaugmentation agents applied during the bioremediation can accelerate and enhance the biological degradation of the pollutants.
Our aim is to support remediation interventions with microbial inoculants, adapting as much as possible to the technological needs of the remediation companies.
​We can provide professional support for the most effective application of our microbiological inoculnats, and if required we can provide assistance in microbial monitoring in field conditions.

Our goal is to offer environmental remediation companies an eco-friendly and effective way to remediate polluted soils by using bioaugmentation products.

For the most effective application of our products, we provide professional support, consulting, and if required, we can monitor microbial activity by molecular biology mehods.


Cégünk jelenleg három regisztrált mikrobiális oltóanyaggal rendelkezik, amelyek közül a a Ferm&Go 1V rövidszénláncú klórozott szénhidrogének, míg a Ferm&Go 2PT és a Ferm&Go 3P alifás és aromás szénhidrogének kármentesítésére alkalmazható.


Since 2013, our company has been manufacturing, continuously developing and achieving field application of aerobic and anaerobic bioaugmentation agents suitable for the microbiological remediation of contaminations caused by aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons and their halogenated derivatives.