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Dehalococcoides – which is present in uniquely high cell count number in our bioaugmentation agent – is the only known group of microorganisms capable of dechlorinating short-chain chlorinated aliphatic hydrocarbons (perchloroethylene-PCE, trichloroethylene-TCE, dichloroethylenes-DCEs, vinyl-chloride-VC) to non-toxic ethene through reductive dechlorination under anaerobic conditions.

Taking into consideration the oxygen sensitivity of the organohalide-respiring microorganisms, bioaugmentation agent is dosed into properly anaerobic groundwater or soil with special dispensing containers. Upon request, our Team provides comprehensive professional support to remediation companies and specialists for the appropriate field application of the bioaugmentation agent.

Compared to other commercially available products, Ferm&Go 1V has two main advanteges: its relatively low price and it does not require cooling (can be safely stored between 4 and 25°C for weeks, if anaerobic conditions are maintained).

Ferm&Go 1V application container